Kelley & Denise, Plein Air Painting
Welcome to our Open Studio Blog! We'll be showing our work at Westport Rivers Vineyard from August 1 through September 10, 2007. Please come by and visit! Our contact info is below, and we both look forward to meeting you!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Swayback Barn by Kelley MacDonald

This is an acrylic painting by Kelley MacDonald, done plein air (on location) on Cape Cod.

Looking Toward Fogland, Denise Zompa

This is Denise Zompa's painting from Seapowet, in Tiverton, looking toward the Fogland peninsula.

Denise Zompa

Hi, I'm Denise, and this photo shows me on location on the Cape doing a plein air painting. My favorite subjects are marshes and quiet places, and I paint mostly in oils, although I sometimes use acrylics. For years I was an art teacher, and now, while I remain involved in art education, I am a full time painter, with a studio in Bristol. I hope to see you at our show in Westport during the Studio Tour!

contact info: 401-624-8585

Kelley Carey MacDonald

This is me, Kelley, painting at Kinderdijk, in Holland, on a painting trip this Spring. I've been a full time painter for about 5 years and am loving every minute of it. I use oils and acrylics, depending on the subject and what feels right for the painting. I live in Tiverton and am constantly struck by the beauty in this area.
contact info: 401-624-8585